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Les Babettes – Turbo Swing Vocal Trio | Les Babettes & X Factor
Les Babettes & X Factor
Les Babettes hanno partecipato alle selezioni di XFactor 8 Italia, che le ha portate a superare i Bootcamp, le Room audition e le Home Visit a Vienna. Qui Morgan, coach della categoria gruppi, dopo averle eliminate le ha subito rimesse in lizza per il ripescaggio, consegnando loro la Green Card. L’esperienza si è conclusa a un soffio dai live ed è stata celebrata dall’evento TalenTS presso il Teatro Rossetti di Trieste insieme ai concittadini e concorrenti di X Factor Spritz For Five e al rapper Yane.

Les Babettes took part in the Italian X Factor season 8. They passed the room audition and bootcamp rounds before entering the “home visit” (judge’s houses) in Vienna. Morgan, the vocal groups’ mentor, just after eliminating them, selected Les Babettes for the “Enel green light”, giving them the chance to reach the live show through a direct viewers’ vote. Sadly, this was the end of the X Factor road for the vocal trio. The Mayor of Triest decided to organize a prominent event called TalenTS at the theatre Politeama Rossetti, celebrating the X Factor achievements of Les Babettes and other artists from Triest who were also part of the TV show that year.

Les Babettes @ X Factor 8

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